Given that Nature Park Telašćica is 64% sea, it is easier to get there by boat. The area of the Nature Park can be accessed by a private or rented vessel, or in organization of many boat tourers and/or tourist agencies from the entire Adriatic which organize excursions to the Nature Park. Detailed information about boat tourers and/or tourist agencies that have an approval to work in the area of Nature Park Telašćica can be obtained in the office facilities of the Public Institution in Sali.

If you are arriving from mainland, the easiest route is from Sali, which is nearest to the Nature Park. Sali can be reached by directed boat lines from Zadar (www.jadrolinija.he) or by taking the line to Brbinj at the northern end of Dugi Otok, and then by car to Telašćica. Zadar is connected to other bigger towns and cities of the Republic of Croatia, but also some European cities, through air-plane, bus and boat lines.

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