St. Anthony

The Church of St. Anthony the Abbot

The Church of St. Anthony was first mentioned in 1579. It used to be in function until 1844 when it was thoroughly robbed by the famous brigand Kutleša. It was then temporarily abandoned, and it remained roofless. The people of Sali built a new church in its place in 1913, but they dedicated it to St. Anthony of Padua. A solemn mass is held every year on the day of the saint, 13 June. In addition to the solemn mass, a procession with the statue of St. Anthony is held, too, from the church to the pond in Njarica and back. The original titular of the church points to the possibility of an earlier construction date. Also, considering the geographic position of churches in Telašćica, where each field has its own church, it is possible that the foundations of the supposed older church are hidden beneath the present church.

The site is easily accessible by road, and marked with an information board. A Liburnian grave is located in the immediate vicinity of the church, and its finds are kept at the Archaeological Museum in Zadar.