Rules of conduct in the Nature Park

Ulaznice Visitors can enter the Nature Park at locations designated as entrance into the Nature Park where tickets can be purchased. Visitors must keep their tickets throughout their stay, movement and sightseeing.
Osobni automobili Visitors can enter the Nature Park with a private vehicle at entrance point Dolac.
Psi na uzici Dogs must at all times remain on a leash.

The speed of vessels must be adapted to the limitations in the Nature Park (from the line that connects points cape “Pod Poljica” and cape “Gubac” toward the bottom of Telašćica Bay speed should not exceed 10 knots, and the speed of vessels in the bays where a larger number of vessels: Mir, Tripuljak, Kruševica, Kučimul, Magrovica, Pod Dugo Polje, Pasjak and Jaz should not exceed 5 knots).

Autonomous diving is allowed with a previously acquired permit, and only on specific locations (Garmenjak Veliki and Mali, Korotan and Podusobine).

Zabranjeno bacanje otpadaka Littering and any other polluting of air, ground and water is prohibited.
Zabranjeno branje biljaka Destroying, carrying out and stealing of anthropological finds is prohibited.
Picking, collecting and removing autochthonous plant and fungi from their habitats is prohibited.
Zabranjen lov Scattering, harassing, disturbing, catching, hurting and killing protected animal species is prohibited.
Catching, collecting and taking out shellfish and other marine organisms is prohibited.
Hunting with a speargun is prohibited.
Dozvoljeno kretanje Within the Nature Park area, visitors are allowed to move only in areas and along paths that are marked and designated for sightseeing and visiting.
Zabranjeno kampiranje Camping is prohibited, except in areas that are designated for the purpose and properly marked.
Zabranjeno paljenje vatre Making fire is prohibited.
Zabranjeno snimanje Recording or taking pictures for commercial purposes is not allowed without a permission of the Institution.
Zabranjeno penjanje Any form of climbing cliffs is prohibited!
Zabranjeno pušenje Bringing in firearms is prohibited.

The Control Service carries out immediate protection in the Park and has the power to impose a penalty on the place of violation in cases of non-compliance with these rules established by the Regulations on Internal Order in Nature Park “Telašćica”.