Protection and preservation

The fundamental aims of nature protection are the preservation of diversity of species and habitats in their favourable condition. Protection includes the application of scientific knowledge, as well as monitoring of human influence to the environment in order to avoid or reduce unfavourable impacts on species and habitats.

The protection within the Nature Park does not exclude humans, but provides guidelines for achieving balance in the use of resources to avoid their irreversible destruction.

The entire Nature Park area is part of Natura 2000, a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union. The management of a NATURA 2000 area must ensure long-term survival of target species and habitat types in a certain area. This includes avoiding harmful activities which may seriously threaten the survival of the targeted species and habitats.

The public institution “Nature Park Telašćica” prepared 2 strategic documents in the last 5 years (“Management Plan” and “Sustainable Tourism Plan”) within which activities and actions were developed to achieve the preservation, and at the same time to contribute to local community and tourism development. Strategic planning, regulatory measures and quality monitoring ensure the coexistence of man and nature as well as sharing living space with endangered species and habitats without their compromising.